Dear friends and followers,




unfortunately I have to let you know, that for health reasons I must take some time out regarding all my musical activities.


This decision doesn’t come suddenly. I have waited much too long to do this step. I always thought it will get better.

But it didn‘t.


Many of you know of my Parkinson disease I was diagnosed in January 2012. There are several types of Parkinson. The type I have is called non kinetically rigid. I’m not sure if this translation is right, but maybe you know what I mean. But anyway, this type progresses fastest. The muscles tighten or contract. It happens mostly in my left foot but lately more and more my left arm and hand were affected.



Surely my current psychological conditions after the loss of my wife in April, followed by the loss of my dad in May are also responsible for this disease getting worse.



The last performances were terrible. I couldn’t change chords fast enough ore not at all. And even the right hand started not working right. I hit the wrong string or no string at all. So I had no other choice than going this step.



In August 8, I will go to the hospital for a few days. My doc wants to change the medicine. Instead of taking more and more pills I will get a little pump. From there some liquid medicine will go through a small hose to a needle that sits under my skin. If it will work, the pumped medicine will always be on the level to compensate the missing dopamine and stop the ups and downs I have now taking pills every 4 hours. I can take off the pump at nights and also when I do activities like swimming.



I will keep you informed on this homepage and on Facebook.


Most of you know, I don‘t believe in prayers but you can cross your fingers.


Thanks for thinking of me.


Your‘s Andy




Welcome to my website

On this website I want to introduce you to my musical projects as well as my writing works. It is not at all complete yet and maybe will never be, but I will be update it frequently. So please come back.

To navigate through this site, please use the navigation sidebar on the left hand side.

And now have fun.

Yours Andy Glandt

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